Our mission is kept simple. We support you to achieve your Goals, Growth and Gain.


TPC Consult is accountancy as well as a business consultancy firm based in England.

We specialise in helping micro, small and medium sized limited liability Companies, Charities and Self-employed individuals to realise their full business and financial potentials. Our team comprises of Professionals who had worked in the Accounts and Finance sections in various sectors of the economy (Business, Charity and public sector) before joining TPC Consult.

Our support approach is simple, down to earth but professionally delivered to relieve you of the associated administrative and regulatory pressures to focus on realising your core vision and objective.

Excellent Service and good relationship with our Clients is our top priority.

We believe both are important. We work with you and tailor our Services where possible to suit our Clients business operations and environment, while meeting regulatory requirements. That is how far we can go to ensure you are satisfied with our Services.

Our business hours is Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm. We are closed Saturdays and Sundays. On exceptional arrangements we do work out of hours.



Quick Response

We response to your enquiry urgently because we understand the pressure financial matters can have on people.


Your work is assigned to a Member of our Team so that your account is given the full attention that is required.

Client Referrals

As an existing or new client, you can earn discount on your fees when you give us successful referrals. Anyone can earn commission from us if you refer client to us. If you are interested, ask us.

Client Success and Satisfaction

We give our clients all year round free support and advice to help them make informed decisions regarding business and compliance matters. Your Success and Satisfaction is important to us.